home of the week: sally campbell

I was a gathering images for a future blog post this morning and came across an incredible home on the Design Files Daily (a blog I will be sure to follow now).

It belongs to Sally Campbell, is in Sydney, Australia, and is soft, time-worn, 'well-travelled' and all around beautiful. It's the stuff my dreams are made out of.

I'm especially in love with the bedrooms and the incredible backyard! Everything about this home screams whispers peacefulness to me. I feel like I would drink more tea if I lived here...

It's not hard to see that handmade textiles are a huge part of Sally's life, and it turns out that that's because she makes them, and has an online shop full of gorgeous eye candy. Can you imagine having a room like the one below, full of a veritable rainbow of beautiful throws and pillows?! I would change up my colours every. single. day. Oh, if only.

Happy weekend lovelies!
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