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Sometimes something happens that reminds me why I love my city despite incessant riots and protests, ridiculous laws that violate citizens' right, and terrible infrastructure. On Sunday, my neighbourhood had a "community picnic" that did just that.

They closed down the main street and everyone brought tables and bbq's and food and just shared. People face painted and played music and put a sprinkler in the middle of the street that kids were having an f-ing blast in. These weren't city workers or volunteers, it was just the people who live here, saying "hey, want a hot dog"? Even the restaurants got in on the act and handed out a bunch of free samples. 

You have no idea what this is you say? THAT is something some random lady made for events just like this. It's attached to the back of her bike and has a sink in the middle so you can wash your plate when you're done partaking in all the awesome food people brought and put on its shelves. It's all made of reclaimed wood too. How AWESOME is that??!

The whole thing was just a potluck full of strangers, and I really don't know where else in the world shit like that happens in a big city. I kept asking "are you sure I can just take some?"

When I wandered away I popped into a local thrift store and found this pretty little thing for 10$:

Isn't it lovely? Reminds me a bit of Lulie Wallace's work:

Except not as awesome. Because really, how could it be. Oh Lulie...

This morning I woke up super early to go pick out the main flowers for our next photo shoot and snapped a quick pic on my way out of the wholesalers:

Not sold on the yellow garden roses, but ranunculus are out of season so I'm making do...Can't wait to go back on Saturday and pick out the fresh add-ons!

P.S. Can you be bad at instagram? I'm super late to the instagram party since I just got my iPhone recently, and I'm not really convinced that I'm very good at choosing filters :P

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  1. Love this post. Some days your neighbours use their pots and pans to protest, other days they use pots and pans to create a communal feast.

  2. The flowers look great! So excited!


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