testing my patience

Now that the spring photo shoot is done, I'm getting back to projects around the house. The major one on my plate? Tackling a d.i.y. capiz chandelier made out of wax paper.

I know it sounds crazy (and potentially tack-a-riffic), but look at the results!

Amazing, no?! The images above are from the best instructions that I've found around the interwebs (and there are many), so if you think you want to try your hand at it too, I'd start there.

This is one of those ones where you might want to think looooong and hard though, cuz I'm in the middle of making the capiz "shells" and this project is already testing my patience. I think it's going to be the most time consuming d.i.y. I've ever taken on, and only the extreme gorgeousness of those pics is keeping me from throwing in the towel (or something heavy at the wall. Whichever). I was looking up capiz chandeliers on ebay this morning out of sheer "Is this even worth it"-ness, but after checking out the prices I decided to barrel through. Ah life with champagne taste and a beer budget.

Once I'm done I'll let you know if this passes the time vs money test. For now, I better go get cozy with my hole punch and sewing machine . . .

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  1. Oh wow elyse that's beautiful. I really want to see how this goes! Post update pics?


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