spring shoot sneak peek!

I'm pretty super duper stoked to say that Dal and I pulled off another styled wedding shoot on Sunday! Which means that other than my birthday, my weekend was filled with last minute timeline building, novice flower arranging, tablecloth dip-dyeing, chandelier d.i.y.'ing . . . the list goes on! We'd been planning for months, but no matter what, so much always ends up coming down to those last few weeks and days!

I can't share the shoot with you just yet, but here's a little sneak peek of the gorgeousness (if I do say so myself). Please no pinning for now, cuz we're going to try to get it picked up by one of the major wedding blogs . . .

I must admit I'm pretty proud of it. While I've absolutely loved every shoot we've done, the setup of this one is the most me. Granted, the fact that it was the only one we could hold outdoors makes for a pretty unfair fight. Could anything really match those willows and the pond as a backdrop? I don't think so. 

What I do think is that me, my blanket and my G are going to become permanent residents in the park for the summer.

Pretty much the perfect way to spend a birthday and unwind after the culmination of so much planning and hard work. I fully intend to fill so many days with this that I soak up enough sun to last me the rest of the year. Who's with me?
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  1. This is gorgeous. This is exactly what I'd want for mine one day. It's just beautiful.

    Also I want to make that chandelier!


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