framed shower love (something i never thought i'd type)

Last week I posted about my new found love of iron window showers, and I gotta admit, I felt super weird about rescinding my hatred of all framed showers. It's just one of those rare rules I thought was borderline universal: framed showers = dated and ugly. But I told myself it was ok because my new crush was so specific. It had to be iron, and it had to be window-like. I was only veering off the seamless shower door path a little

But then I kept looking around pinterest, and, well, I veered off a lot. Like, taking out a mailbox and crashing into a tree styles:







Yup. That just happened.

I honestly never thought you could convince me to like ANY bordered showers, and now I'm having a full on love affair with a crap-tonne of them.

Is this a new thing? Are bordered showers back in a big ass way?! It seems to me that we've moved away from them for so long that if you want to make a statement this might be the new (old) way to go. I mean, these babies get noticed.

It looks like Naomi of Design Manifest caught onto this shift way before me, and did a great post about when you should consider this look.

What do you think? Just another case of re-imagining old trends or something you didn't see coming either?

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