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Lately I've been obsessed with classic handbags. Not classic like a Birkin, but classic like that bag you found in your mom's closet that doesn't look the least bit dated. The kind with lines, materials and hardware that will never go out of style, and that actually look better with age (there is something so magical about wrinkled leather, isn't there?). Nothing flashy, just quality through and through. The kind that doesn't need a name attached to it because it just speaks for itself.

Unfortunately those bags are pretty darn hard to find.

So when I came across Les Composantes on Pinterest I knew I'd found something special.

I'm probably completely out of the loop on this one, but I hadn't heard of the brand or its creator Morgane S├ęzalory before. It was difficult for me to round down which pics to include here because they are all so good...

The reds are especially INSANE, and I'm truly drooling over them. I love a woman with a true appreciation for blood red...

Apparently Morgane started out hunting down, styling and reselling vintage clothing and accessories. Essentially she would find the cream of the crop, put together fabulous outfits and incredible photo shoots, and then have first-come-first-serve sales. It's still a huge part of what Les Composantes is about.

Her taste is absolutely impeccable. She's that friend who always looks perfect and always says "a garage sale" when you ask her where her jacket is from. She's finding the one piece of gold at Salvation Army long after you've (ahem, I've) given up and gone to buy a smoothie.

Morgane added the custom clothes (like her high collared shirts) and accessories (the purses and I think some of the shoes) to her vintage finds a few years later. She still works on a first come first serve basis, releasing small batches of her finds and creations once every month.

What I think is particularly amazing is that it's often hard to tell which is which. Notice I said "I think some of the shoes" above. That's because she has them in so many colours that I assume she designed them, but really they could just as easily be vintage.

Everything in her store could be new, or it could not be. It all blends so seamlessly.

Which is how you know you have a classic on your hands.

The kicker? She's adorable, and so is her fabulous little Parisian apartment:

I want to hate this girl - for obvious reasons - but I  can't help but really love that Morgane recognized her strengths and made a life out it. She knew she had an eye, and the creativity to "package" her finds so perfectly that she could impart her vision onto others. Her business plan is probably something  a lot of people would have scoffed at, but here she is. It's kind of awesome.

More inspirational ladies please. It's such food for my soul.

Oh and more red handbags too. Yes I'll take some of those as well...

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