resisting temptation

Yesterday I went to Home Sense (Canada's version of Marshall's, and actually owned by the same company), and it was a disaster. In that it wasn't a disaster. They had so much good stuff, and the friend who was supposed to come with me had to back out, so I had no one there to tell me to put things back!!

This is not good. I need a friend to stand in for the non-existent angel counterpart to my very dominant shopping devil. He sits on my shoulder and throws his weight around like a mother-fucker. That asshole's mom needed to have taught him that no means no...

Anyway, I scored some beauty stone bookends that I'm totally going to do this to:

Mine are pink and purple. Natch.

I also got a couple of awesome mother of pearl and wood boxes for about 10$ each! They look a bit like a cross between these:

I also saw a lamp made out of the same mother of pearl inlay for only 60$!! But I'm becoming a bit of a lamp collector without meaning to, so I resisted. I also resisted a faux Beni Ourain rug. Which is, I think, a sign of extreme self-control. Don't know what a Beni O is? Here's a little taste:

It was 5 by 8 and only 299$. I literally hugged it before dragging myself away. I am still thinking about it 24 hours later  which is usually the universal sign for get your butt back there and buy that thing!!but G makes it a total no-go. I realized a long time ago that any shaggy white rugs or hides need to be totally dispensable, because he will scratch himself a spot in it and drag his muddy paw print all over it. And if there is one thing that trumps the pretty, it's the thought of adding a bunch of cleaning to my life :P

There were also distressed wood benches, gold leaf side tables, big African baskets... the list goes on... 

Sigh. Have you ever had to drag yourself away from things you really really wanted because you just had no where to put it or it didn't fit with your lifestyle? Does it pain you like it does me? Or should I join shiny-things-hoarder anonymous?
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  1. amazing finds!!! i obvi need to get to a homegoods/marshalls/tjmaxx STAT! ox


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