fiddle leaf fig

I do not have a green thumb. Not even a little bit. I only own one plant for that very reason, and last night while sitting on my couch trying to get some work done (after a whirlwind couple of weeks) I noticed that it was looking even more pathetic than usual. Which is saying a lot. Mr. Planty Plant is so droopy and forlorn that I actually feel sorry for him. 

Not sorry enough to not want to throw him away and replace him though! Now that he's almost dead I have an excuse right? (Hopefully I will be better to my real children someday). Suffice it to say I probably shouldn't be taking on any more plant friends, but I have wanted a fiddle leaf fig tree for a super long time, and when I saw this pic of Anna Burke's apartment in the last edition of Lonny it cemented that love in a serious way. Nothin's gonna stop us now. No, nothin'. 

Sorry Mr. Planty Plant, but you're better off without me anyway. No really, you really are.

I don't know what it is about this particular plant, but it is just so graceful and dramatic. I love how big and swoopy they get! Of course those are the healthy, taken care of ones . . .

Marion of the Marion House Book, who I find insanely inspirational, uses them all over her house:

The following are Grant K. Gibson, unknown, Modern 24/7 and Grant again!

And a little drool-worthy Elle Decor thrown in for good measure:

I will find this plant. I will find it and I will kill it. Out of love.

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