lonny love: dransfield and ross

Sometimes I read Lonny and Rue and feel like they must be running out of really good homes to feature. Everything is decent, but nothing is really hitting it out of the park. It all kind of blends together, like one big block of 'meh'.

Sometimes, though, there's that one gem that jumps off the pages and punches me straight in the gut. That I see and think, "Man, they really hit paydirt with this one". In April it was Anna Burke's home (um, insanity), and this month it's the beautiful old farmhouse of John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross.

Here's a little taste of the gorgeousity:

Can we all agree that this place kicks ass? I think so.

For more, check out page 49 of June's Lonny. Happy Monday pretties!

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  1. Lol, I actually just blogged about how I didn't like this issue that much...I thought it was really pretentious! Their home had some really beautiful spots though (hellloooo charcoal foyer! I also actually like all the images you posted) but others were major misses for me (ahem....fugly bathroom....). It's funny that we have similar tastes according to our pins but viewed this so differently!


    1. That is funny! I'm mostly suckered in by the peony covered mantle (I mean, I clearly love peoonies), and all the incredible textiles. I really love love that bedroom!! Oh and the entryway and the chairs in the dining room were pretty fab too.

      At the same time I see what you mean about pretention. I certainly related more to Anna Burke's space, but still really appreciated this one for what it is - design out of reach.

  2. YESYESYESYES. i DIED when i saw this. that mirror alone makes me weak in the knees.


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