small space design: manly man styles

Know what I love? Any issue of any magazine that focuses on small spaces. Period. So while I often find House Beautiful a little too design-out-of-reach for me--and usually scan before purchase--this month I snapped up their small space design issue first thing. My hands down favourite? The 425 sq foot Brooklyn pad of window designer Zach Motl. 

It's very masculine yet still has so much soul, and enough texture and soft curves to not scream "estrogen free zone"! I feel like it's one of those rare bachelor apartments that you could walk into while dating a new guy and think "man, he has serious taste and clearly gives a shit about his space", without also maybe wondering if he's really playing for your team ...

There are definitely some elements I would change, like some of the art (especially the piece above the desk), the lamps on the desk, and the wingback chair right beside it, but compared to most guys' apartments that's nothin. Those are the things you could change over time, switching them out for prettier pieces so slowly he wouldn't even notice you're doing it. Just like the slight shift in fit of his jeans or the kind of shoes he wears. 

What? You're just buying him a present, not making a suggestion. Don't be silly. Just try them on, I bet they'll look great...

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