west elm comes to montreal!

Oooof my loves, I can't tell you how happy I am that it's finally Friday - I'm not sure why, but this week has absolutely crawled by. Yesterday, though, it got a great boost when West Elm announced the opening date of their Montreal store! It's official - as of June 20th (so soon!) I will no longer have to drag my poor friend Matt through their Toronto location for hours upon hours every time I visit.

Please note: I will probably still do that.

To commemorate the event West Elm partnered with local artist Bess Callard on an adorable print that they'll be giving away to select customers on opening day. I kinda love it . . .

. . . and also just think it's such a cool thing to do. Way to ingratiate yourself with the local crowd right off the bat, right? West Elm really knows their marketing.

I was a little worried for them over what appears to be a pretty glaring typo (for those that don't speak french, the words in the bottom right corner should mean "we love your way of life", but "nous" isn't spelled with an i), but a visit to the artist's blog showed that it's not on the actual print. Thank goodness, cuz lord knows peeps around here care about language! It also showed that the print is even cuter in physical form:

I think I kinda want one. Is this worth getting up early for? Is anything really worth that?

Have an amazing weekend lovers! Time for us all to go out, buy peonies and instagram the crap outta that shit!

P.S. June 20th is only 5 days before my birthday. Who wants to make bets on how much damage I do in the name of "treating myself"?

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  1. I was just gonna say, "just in time for your birthday!" but of course you know how perfect that timing is. Great news!

  2. Are you going to the opening darling? Email me for details :))


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