designer love: amanda nisbet (+ the ultimate palm leaf pendant)

Y'all know how much I love my palm leaf pendant light hack. It might honestly be my favourite of all the d.i.y's I've done. But when this baby popped up in my Pinterest feed, I had to admit that it is, without a doubt, the master of all palm pendants:

I mean, have you ever.

This light is clearly the going-all-the-way to my first base.

The pic's link led me to the portfolio of the amazing Amanda Nisbet, and it was nice to be reminded that she is so much more than just her Positano fabric (with which I've long been obsessed). Here are just a few of her designs I'm loving . . .

P.S. Look what popped up on my feed the exact same day . . .


I honestly don't know whether to brush off my shoulder or sulk that I'm not as unique as I thought. Anyone else ever get a little sad when someone else has the same idea as you?

Stay classy blog land!

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  1. That brass (at least, I think it's brass?) one is off the chain. Whoa!


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