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I've been in full-fledge search mode for some vintage demijohns for a couple of months now. I've always been a huge fan, but my desire to have one for my own has grown by leaps and bounds since recovering the pendant light in my kitchen in palm print. To make the space cohesive I've been adding more and more green into my adjoining living room, and there's a spot beside my media unit that is just crying out for one of these ladies. Or, you know, maybe even two. . .

If you're unconvinced of the awesomeness of these huge glass jugs - originally and often still used to transport wine - then maybe this'll change your mind . . .


Yesterday I was perusing West Elm's new offerings (in anticipation of the Montreal store opening), when I came across this number . . .

. . . and realized how easy it would be to take the glass drilling technique I used in my mercury glass pendant light tutorial and d.i.y. this beauty up!

A quick search gave me a great tutorial on just how to do it, and some more beautiful eye candy to inspire...


Gorgeous right?

If you're feeling extra bold (and can figure out how to really secure the light kit in the bottle's neck), you can even take it one step further and create some serious ceiling eye candy . . .


If you're looking to find one and are super impatient like me, I suggest checking your local craigslist or kijiji. If you can wait, the flea market is by far the best place to hit up. When it comes to demijohns, I say the older, the more patina'd, the more misshapen, the better. Wouldn't you agree?

Til' tomorrow luvs!


  1. Great post! I've never consider buying one before but now I want one. Hope to find one at the flea.

  2. I'm pretty sure we share the same brain, because I've pinned 98% of these images in the past and also, I spent like an hour on Friday trolling Etsy for demijohns to put on our fireplace stoop. Gorgeous!


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