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This is super off topic, I know. But this blog is a place where I post things that are awesome and beautiful, and this week I can't think of anything more awesome and beautiful than this woman:

and these warriors:

It's been such a beautiful week for autonomy. And equality. And determination. And LOVE. I just had to recognize.

I'm not saying that things are perfect - far from it. There were some pretty shady goings on to try to keep these victories from happening, and both of these battles are far from over. But we are still so much closer - and stronger - this week than the last. And there is nothing more beautiful that that.

Have ridiculously gorgeous and amazing weekends ladies - I promise to have my mind back on fabrics and frills once Monday rolls around!


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  1. I was at the filibuster! I saw Wendy Davis, sat in the gallery, and heard her speak. I saw the overwhelming support and flood of Texans for women's rights and across the nation. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime, inspring experienceA politician fighting for what her constituents believe in, not what will get her reelected. Isn't that what it's really supposed to be about?

    Thanks for covering this! Sending love from Texas and hope that things will change for the better if we keep up the fight!


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