summer living: the magic of outdoor curtains

I'm playing hooky again today (that's two Fridays in a row if you're counting!) and Monday is a holiday here, so I'm gearing up for a lovely, lazy long weekend. The only thing I have on my mind is some serious back balcony lounging, with an icy cold smoothie in hand and the latest issues of Lonny and Rue on my laptop!

For a 4' by 9' space, I gotta say that my glorified fire escape makes me pretty darn happy. I've managed to squeeze in an outdoor loveseat, a mini bbq, a little side table and some plant pretty, and even went so far as to cover the grotty concrete with some wood deck tiles. Too far for a rental? Maybe. But I looove it.

The only problem is that it's directly attached to my neighbour's balcony (no separation at all), and his side is - in the absolute kindest of words - an eyesore. It has me dreaming of outdoor drapes like you wouldn't believe! I've always loved the look and now it's the only thing standing between me and perfect relaxation...


Would this make me seem like the unfriendliest of neighbours in the history of time? Should I care enough to keep staring at his mess? Oh, how does one choose between the polite and the pretty...

Have a beautiful weekend loves! Here's hoping the sun is shining no matter where you are!

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  1. darling images of outdoor rooms. I love them all. Have a great weekend.
    xo Nancy

  2. Outdoor curtains remind me of the open cabanas on tropical islands and beaches... So naturally I am completely in love with these photos and ideas!!

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  3. Beautiful - makes everything seem so serene like a beach vacation.


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