happenins around here: taking care of #1 (and some serious insta love)

Hey there luvs, hope you all had amazing weekends! Mine was probably the healthiest, most grown-ass-lady one I've had in a long time. Apparently turning 30 in a couple weeks was what I needed to finally start, you know, taking care of myself. Veering slightly off the usual "cookies for breakfast" path, I bought a nutribullet, a book on superfoods and a shit ton of spinach and started blending green smoothies.  And then hell froze over. I also faced my fears and tried an adult dance class, and spent hours out in the sunshine letting my dog get into trouble while I browsed the latest Style at Home.

I even biked my little butt all the way across town to a wholesale flower depot to treat myself to some bargain basement blooms. I went in thinking I'd just pick up a few peonies, and ended up buying so much that I had to ditch the bike and take the bus home. You know that thing about not grocery shopping on an empty stomach? What's the equivalent for flowers and a hardcore aesthete?

If you follow me on Instagram you've already been subjected to pics of some of what I brought back with me. You've also probably already seen this little makeover that I finished my weekend off with:

I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, but it's just so easy to switch up if I decide I'm not into it that I figure it's no harm no foul. These chairs may not be the thonet-style bentwoods I lust after, but I love them because they let me to get my diy fix without breaking the bank or my back. 30 minutes with a staple gun and presto, chango, the whole room looks different. Is it unhealthy that I keep things because they're more work?

Speaking of Instagram, a couple of things occurred to me yesterday: 1) If I'm instagraming up a storm, you can pretty much guarantee that my home is a mess and I should be cleaning it. This is how my brain works. 2) Insta has quickly started to rival Pinterest as my absolute favourite social media tool. So. much. inpiration. Sometimes I see stuff in my feed that I love so damn much that I screencapture it just to remind myself to go online, pull it up in webstagram and pin that baby so I never lose it.

Like this INSANE bedroom that Amber posted a few days ago:

I honestly do not believe I could be more obsessed with it if I tried. You know when you see something so good that it makes you hate everything in your own place and want to burn it all in a self-loathing bonfire and start again? No? Just me? Well fine, but that's where I'm at.

I was thinking I might start sharing some of my fave feeds on here so you guys can partake in their pretty too. What do y'all think? I totally find that some of the best feeds aren't the most popular, so I would LOVE to hear which ones you can't get enough of too!

Happy Monday beauts!

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  1. I'm been totally wanting to take an adult dance class but have been super chicken about it! Was it fun? Did you feel silly? Good for you for going!!

    1. It was ridiculously embarrassing and a revelation of just how uncoordinated I am, but I don't even care! I signed up for 6 more classes cuz I'm just done giving a shiz. Too bad you aren't here cuz we could go look silly together!

  2. I really love the new chair material. I'm also impressed that you put different patterns together, which I've never even thought of doing, and yet they work beautifully.


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