wallpaper weekly: galbraith & paul's lotus

This week's wallpaper weekly is brought to you by this insanely good bedroom - designed by the incompa-rable Grant K. Gibson - that's been setting Pinterest ablaze like wildfire:

There is so much I love about this space, not the least of which is the unexpected colour combo of rich plum and gorgeous golden mustard pulled directly from one of my fave wallpapers - Galbraith & Paul's Lotus

As you can see though, all the colourways of this gorgeous paper are awesome, awesome, awesome . . .

It never, ever fails to tug at my heartstrings. Here are just a couple more applications I think you'll love . . .


I can't even decide which one is my favourite, and with pink as an option, that's saying a lot!

Happy Tuesday lovers xoxo

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  1. I am totally loving this. I was never a huge fan of wallpaper until recently, and this I could totally do in a powder room!! Love!



  2. Is it bad that I really want some tea towels in any of those patterns!?


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