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There are few things in this entire world that I love more than wallpaper. My rent is cheap, I like to move a lot and house prices in Canada are ridiculous (we haven't gotten our "bust" yet, but it's coming). So I don't ever really consider owning. Except when I look at wallpaper.

Oh what I would give to be able to plaster my walls in some of the vibrant, sumptuous patterns I've fallen in love with over the years. It's almost enough to make me save up for a downpayment and sign my name on the dotted line.

I know y'all feel the same. If there is one thing I know, it's this.

So I've decided that once a week I'm going to share my favourite paper of the moment, or wallpapered space that made me stop in my tracks. It's how I'll get my fix until I can make the real thing happen.

Kicking it off is an absolutely gorgeous powder room from Desire to Inspire. I honestly dare anyone to not love this space. It's vintage perfection, and I can't stop staring at it.

Can't you just smell the country air and ageing wood?

All my love luvs.
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  1. Did you know that Hygge & West is doing removable wallpaper? Like....gorgeous ones too. Currently trying to convince my boyfriend that our itty bitty horrendous bathroom deserves a little Daydreamer love...


    1. Sooo, essentially the first time in the history of ever that removable wallpaper is nice!! I wonder how well it removes and re-sticks!

  2. That powder room slays me! Too gorgeous!

  3. OMG serious perfection. I was so torn about putting wall paper up in my powder room. It just seemed so permanent and expensive and I was horrified I would pick a pattern that I hated once it was hung!So glad I found you today on Sadie + Stella! Now following.

  4. Yes! This is an excellent idea. I just bought a house and really want to wallpaper the staircase wall but need some inspiration. P.S. I'm also super excited to find another incredible Montreal blog-keep up the great work.

  5. I love wallpaper, and that one is so neat! As a renter, I can't really put wallpaper up, but I think it would make the perfect accent to the back of this great built in shelf/cabinet in my dining area. I did recently find a way for renters to put up wallpaper without ruining the walls (on Apartment Therapy, I believe), so I may try that.

    I've found that the best wallpapers are often really expensive, though... any good resources?

    1. Hey hun! I actually really like Home Depot for this - you have to search through a lot of crap, but there are definitely some budget finds to be found. Maybe I'll do a little roundup of my faves!


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