canada kicks butt, design and otherwise

So I know I said I'd be back to the pretty on Monday, but that's cuz I momentarily forgot what day it was. For shame! Today is Canada's birthday, and I could not be more proud to be from this amazing country.

I often think about moving abroad (Thailand and France are at the top of the list), but know that I'll always end up coming back home in the end. I'm so attached to everything that being Canadian means - our openness and inclusiveness and our freedoms and rights. I'm so grateful to be in a position to take these things for granted, because I know that so so many can't!

Canada also happens to produce some pretty awesome design shit, so in celebration of all things maple land do yourself a big huge favour and grab a House & Home or Style at Home magazine (I think they're the best design mags going), or visit the blogs of some seriously talented Canucks - Christine of Bijou & Boheme, Gabby of the Vault Files, Melissa of Veranda Interiors, Lindsay of Aubrey & Lindsay and Erica of EC Moth Design are some of my personal faves. Finish it all off by finding out which top designers you didn't know were Canadian, and checking out the work of some others you should know about!

Anyway, I'm off to throw on a red dress and find myself some red velvet cupcakes. I figure that second one is my patriotic duty.

Love you guys!

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