colour pop: painting door edges

This morning Cassie of Look Linger Love Instagrammed a sneak peek of a project she's working on with Land of Nod, and in it they were doing something I'd never seen before: adding a bright pop of colour to just the inside edge of a door. I always love a hit of unexpected, and this edge just so happened to be pink, so you KNOW I was all over it!

A quick search showed me that other peeps have done this before, so am I the only one who'd never heard of it? I'm in love, and thinking I might be tackling every door in my home this weekend . . .

Seems like reds, pinks and oranges are the way people are going, but I think this could be awesome in chartreuse as well. The best part is that it would be an absolute cinch to pull off, and to get rid of the minute you tired of it or your room decor changed!

So what do you think lovelies? Are you loving this bold stroke as much as I am?

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  1. omg - love it! I'm so not a design person (but love your blog) but this, THIS is something I can do. It requires minimal commitment (unlike bold wallpaper) and minimal effort. It's gorgeous and embraces everything I like - subtle but bold when you notice it (like my teapot lamp, for example). Love love love it!

  2. Yes, I love the unexpected pop of color! I think in some of those rooms it really turns color that could be too dark or drab into perfection!

  3. I love, love love this! I also love it when the inside of a closet is painted a crazy colour.

  4. love this pop of color! I 'accidentally' did this to my bi-fold closet doors...I painted them when they were closed and when they opened the inside edge showed the first color :)

  5. Love the look of this. So unexpected and fun. I think my next house will need pink for sure!


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