fantastic find friday + winner winner art giveaway dinner!

First off, in case you haven't seen it yet, I just had to share the amazingness that is World Market's new striped Dhurrie:

The black and white version is a dead ringer for the ever (insanely) popular IKEA Stockholm, and of course the Madeleine Weinrib that the Stockholm was fashioned after in the first place.


Only difference is, this little lady is only $129.99 - half of what the Stockholm will set you back, let alone the Weinrib. And while it's too bad that it only comes in 5 by 8, this is definitely an instance where breaking out the sewing kit to get an 8 by 10 would be well worth the trouble.

At that price I was initially pretty dubious of the quality, but then yesterday Sherry of Sherry H. Designs posted this to instagram:

And that right there is quality enough for me! I wish, wish, wish I needed another rug. I'm borderline considering buying it anyway and hoarding it in a closet, because I know it'll sell out quick and I know I'll regret not buying it later. And by "it" I mean one in each colour. Clearly.

But I digress, because we have important business to attend to! Without further delay, the winner of the Mary Ann Wakeley original art giveaway is:


You, my lucky friend, are the proud owner of this stunner:

Send me an email with your contact info and we'll get it to you on the double!

And with that, my lovelies, I'm off. I'm thinking it's a d.i.y weekend for me, cuz it's been far too long, and I'm gettin' the itch . . .

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  1. Aww darnit!!! Congrats Maggie! You lucky duck:) Thats was SUCH a good giveaway. Now on to that dhurrie....I had NO IDEA World Market was selling them now. I saw one on Rugs USA and was seriously contemplating it, but now I know exactly where I'm getting it from. I've wanted that righ forever. I just really hope the color is truly white. I never got the one from ikea because unlike wht I see in every photo of it, it's beige/cream, not white. I was so disappointed. I also really wanted it in navy, not black, but that yellow will work, too. Plus i have a 15% off coupon so ill be heading there today. Thanks so much for sharing:)

    1. Oooh, share a pic if you end up getting it! I'm in Canada so I can't go see in person for myself (no world market here!

  2. Congratulations Maggie on an awesome win!

  3. Hi, lovely! I've nominated you for The Liebster Award! I think you're pretty darn amazing, and I'm so happy to have had the chance to promote your blog! The official post will be up at 8 a.m. tomorrow AZ time, here: http://www.kayliwanders.com ! x

  4. I called my local WM yesterday cuz I've been side-eyeing that rug since it came out--they're out of stock until September here! So...naturally....I ordered online...and bought another $20 worth of shiz so I could get free shipping...(well, part of my order was a rug pad! That's worth it right? Right??). I'll let you know what I think of it!

  5. I caught that dhurrie on the WM website and was bummed the largest was a 5x8. I need something at least 9x12, so even an 8x10 wouldn't work for me. Bummer!


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