chic table fans: the dream and the d.i.y

So it occurs to me that I was so excited about announcing the original art giveaway yesterday that I forgot to ask how your weekends were! Good? Bad? Too short? Mine was . . . well . . . sweaty. After the longest winter I have ever experienced, Montreal is now going through a borderline unbearable heatwave - it currently feels like 105 F with the humidex, and it's supposed to stay that way aaaaaaall week. I might die.

My rental definitely has its charms, but unfortunately a/c isn't one of them. And those noisy window box versions that block all the fresh air? I hate them. A lot. So instead, I'm spending my days lugging a tabletop fan with me from room to room, and wishing that it was a) lighter, and b) a whole lot prettier. I know it's necessary, but hot damn is it an eyesore!

Well, turns out it doesn't have to be. While researching better options, I found what I think may be the most beautiful fan of all time. This right here:

Has done gone blown my mind. Never in a million years did I think a fan could be so sexy.

Unfortunately these vintage gems - which were obviously made by a whole bunch of manufacturers over the course of the early 20th - don't come cheap. The going rate seems to be anywhere from $200 to $600 (the first one above sold for $345 from High Street Market), and if it's closer to the bottom you better make sure that baby works! Sadly, way rich for my blood. Regardless, I'm determined to scour ebay until one of these beauties makes it's way home to me . . .

In the interim I'll be doing what I always do and d.i.y'ing up a cute solution. I'm planning on following Casey's lead (and instructions) and spray paint this $20 Target find for a custom looker that's just right for me! Hers turned out so well, don't you think?

Til' tomorrow luvs! Hope things are a little cooler where you are!

P.S. If you haven't entered that giveaway yet, then you should definitely get on it - this is not one you wanna' miss!

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  1. I had a blue vintage fan listed in my etsy shop, but someone just bought it and now I am totally sad. I feel like I should never have put it up for sale lol.



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