wallpaper weekly: no really, it's awesome now. I promise.

Remember when I mentioned that my future brother in law - Rory - was going to be living with me two days a week? Well he's finally moved in, and last night over dinner (he cooks, thank you jesus) he happened to ask what today's blog post was going to be about. When I told him it was wallpaper, he was visibly grossed out.

"Can I ask you something?" he laughed, "How can you possibly like that stuff??"

You see, the thing about Rory is that he's from the uk, so he grew up around a lot of wallpaper. But not just any wallpaper. That wallpaper. The kind of wallpaper that made wallpaper have to go away for a while. The kind of wallpaper that sent all wallpapers to the naughty corner, only to be let out once we were sure they'd learned their lesson.

So while I could have told Rory that wallpaper had changed - that it had really turned over a new leaf and that things were different now - I knew that wouldn't have been fair. Design geeks like you and me, we've had time to rebuild the trust. We've been watching wallpaper, and we're pretty sure we can believe in it again. But Rory . . . how could I possibly expect him to get to that same place based solely on my word?

So instead, I just showed him this:

"Oh." he responded. "That's cool."

Yes it is Rory. Yes it is.

P.S. welcome to my blog Rory. You knew this was part of the deal right?

{image of Barnaba Fornasetti's home via A Piece of Toast}

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  1. Love this post. Actually, found your blog fairly recently and have enjoyed all of them I've caught.

    1. Thanks so much Annie! I'm going to be fiercely studying your blog now, because if there's one thing I need it's organizational tips! Ooooh lordy, do I ever . . .

  2. Love this and love that paper!!!!

    1. In my world, this is the exact room Wendy would have been reading in when Peter Pan came to the window. Just sayin'. . .

  3. Your story about Rory reminds me of my husband. When I bring up a decorating idea for the home that needs his buy-in, he scoffs. Like you said, people who aren't design buffs aren't aware of how things can look. For instance, smoky blue paint in the living room? What? Yep ... it'll look awesome. Still trying to win him over. White curtains with black ribbon trim? He sees one photo and thinks it looks cheap. Clearly I need to have a full presentation ready before I bring up these things! Glad you're winning Rory over with good design!


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