the hack I heart the most: Emily from Recently!

Hey there ladies and gents, hope your weekends were grand! Sorry for the radio silence yesterday - I discovered Orange is the New Black on Friday, and pretty much buttkiss got done after that. (Someone please, please cut off my Netflix). Hopefully today's post will help make up for it, though, because the divine Ms. Emily of Recently is stopping by to help me kick off a brand new series: The hack I heart the most!

If you know me, you know there are few things I love more than a good hack - from curtains, to lamps, to wardrobes, almost every item in my apartment has been changed somehow since I got my lil' hands on it. While some of these projects turned out better than others (I've had some real disasters), writing my recent guest post for Sadie + Stella reminded me that the prettiest/most impressive aren't necessarily my favourites. Sometimes, it's the story only I know that makes the results extra sweet.

So I decided to ask some of my fave kindred spirits - bloggers who love to get their hands dirty just as much as I do - to share their favourite hack jobs, and let us in on why they made it to the top of the list. I'm so curious and excited to read their answers, and hope you will be too! And now, the lovely Emily!


Hello.  I'm Emily, from Recently, and I'm a hacker.  It's true.  If I own it, I've probably modified it in some way, or at least thought about it.  As it happens, we hackers tend to find other hackers to hang with.  You know, to support our habit. 

Enter Elyse, a hacker buddy for life (HBFL) and all-around fantastic gal.  Obviously, I jumped at the chance to share my nearest and dearest hacking transformation with Elyse's readers.  This one is my favorite for a few reasons, but first, I'll introduce you:

Meet, the bookcase project.  It was one of my very first projects to share on Recently, and also my first project to appear on Apartment Therapy (every hackers dream!)

It also happens to be the easiest project I've ever completed- all it takes is a few pieces of foam board, some paint, and a brush to achieve an instant transformation.

Oh, but wait...there's a bonus.  You see, foam board has not one, but two sides.  Two sides to modify = double the fun.  So, not too long ago I decided my shelves needed an update.  I simply ordered some of my favorite Rifle Paper Co. wrapping paper and got to work covering the other side of my foam board.  A little fliparoo and a tiny bit of glue later, I had what seemed like a whole new set of shelves:

When I get tired of this look, I only need to flip the foam board back to the painted side.  So easy, and so worth it!

Thanks for letting me share my favorite hack ever with you today, and thank you, Elyse, for having me!


Emily, I've said it before and I'll say it again: you are one impressive lady. A master of styling, a master of photography, and clearly a master of the hack. Hats off, sister. Hats off. 

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  1. Oh yes i love this! Our new place has shelves like these built into the wall and this would be so perfect! Enjoy Orange is the New Black! It's sooo good!


  2. Great blog, but I think you mean "bupkis." Hilarious.

    1. I do, but that's always been the way I've said it since making the mistake as a kid ;) In retrospect though, you're totally right that no one else could know that!

  3. Well this is a lovely coincidence...I just posted on my blog earlier today about the dilemma I'm having over what to do with the backs of MY bookcases! I was thinking of painting or wallpapering or putting fabric directly onto the bookcase backing, but I love the idea of non-committal use of foam boards (not to mention, it's probably so much easier). Thanks so much for the tip, Emily! And thanks so much Elyse for featuring Emily on your blog today!


  4. Brilliant! I've always loved Emily and her ingenious DIY ideas and skills. Simply the best. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is amazing! Seriously, I am the queen of indecision and I love the idea of changing the foam board to suit my mood. Thanks for sharing, Emily! And thanks for leading me over to this great site, too!


  6. I've been hearing about "Orange is the New Black" and am dying to watch it. We just got Netflix a few months ago and we're right now in the middle of the first season of "Friday Night Lights" so it will be a while before we're ready for something else. Just finished "House of Cards" season 1, which was awesome.

    Thanks so much for sharing Emily's bookcase idea. I've heard of people doing that before but it was before I had a bookcase, and since I've had one, I keep forgetting about that trick! Love the idea of wallpapering one side.

  7. This is so incredibly gorgeous! I love everything about it...how genius to make it double sided!


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