i heart your art: mallory page

The sheer number of photos in this post should be indication enough of how much I love this artists work. I promise you, I still had to cut it down.

I can't begin to imagine how she achieves it (in fact I'm intensely curious about her technique), but Mallory Page's paintings somehow manage to be at once murky and yet ethereal, saturated and yet translucent, foreboding and yet romantic. There is something behind the dripping, inky tones that I can't quite make out, and yet I know it's there. I could stare for hours. 

To find out more about Mallory, her inspiration and her influences, check out the profile published in ART New Orleans Magazine. If it's simply more eye candy you're after, then Wally Workman Gallery, Mallory's website & Facebook page, and this Pinterest search have what you want. Of course you can Google image search too, but a word of warning before you do: someone far less creative and much more naked happens to share Mallory's name. And her "services" aren't of the painting variety. You'll still find lots of pretty art, but you might want to wait until after work ;)

Til' tomorrow beauties! xoxo
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  1. These are absolutely stunning. I want the 7th from the top in my livingroom right now.

  2. Gooooood lord I want them alllllllllll!!!

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! J'adore abstract art!

  4. Abstracts are my fave, and to be in my house, it's gotta have a lot of blue. That first one, especially ... come to mama.


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