an ode to pink and green

A couple of weeks ago Emily Henderson posted the before and after of her guest room makeover, and I was completely blown away.

To refresh (or just show if you haven't already seen it), here is the before:

And here is a taste of the deliciously gutsy after:

I know it's not for everyone, but I think she f-ing killed it. I have serious talent envy. So, so ballsy and unexpected.

I think it goes without saying that the pink headboard makes me weak in the knees, but it's my love of the green that's more surprising. Not a colour I would have ever thought of using, and yet Emily's room started an ocd pinterest-a-thon that has left me with enough images to fill more blog posts than I'd like to say. 

For now, I've put together a little ode to emily's combo of choice: pink and green. From the super bold (emerald leather chairs anyone?) to the more subtle pops (like the lamps in this first pic), I'm in love with every one of these spaces:

Freaking. Fabulous. I mean, how amazing would this couch and pillow combo be against a dark emerald wall?

{discontinued wisteria sofa, pillows from here and here}

Stay tuned for more green goodness later in the week . . . 

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  1. I love the room with the bookshelves! And I think it's awesome how well a good b/w graphic works with the soft pink and a bold green. Great post! P.S. - do you think you could just design my entire house? Yes? Of course, I'll probably need a house first, but thanks in advance. ;)

    1. Oh you best believe I'll design the crap out of any home you buy lady!


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