sarah seven spring: a rosy haze

Yesterday I happened upon Sarah Seven's Spring 2013 collection, and fell deeply, madly in love. Not only because the dresses are exquisite (ethereal is truly the word), but because the paint treatment they used as a backdrop is giving me that I-want-this-so-badly-I-may-burst-into-tears feeling.

You have no idea the things that I would do with a room like this. My imagination is running wild.

Somehow I've managed to make this sound really dirty...

Oh. my. god. I want to rip the paper off the wall and wrap myself in it and hysterically scream at anyone who approaches to "get away from me!" or "don't touch me!"

I'm so normal.

To whoever conceived of/painted this: hats off. Seriously, hats off.  I better be seeing it interpreted in a design magazine soon or I'm going to wonder what the hell is wrong with designers with actual money to spend.

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