plaid & gingham

The other day while looking for a rug I came across a weirdly fascinating ottoman. Fascinating because if you'd described it to me I probably would have thrown up in my mouth a little. It was boxy, slightly floppy, super squishy and plaid. 

See, there's that gag reflex.

But in reality I actually really loved it.

I really dig the quirky preppiness of it, and the fact that it's man-comfy while also being man-cool.

It reminds me of this room I posted a couple of weeks ago:

I think it could look really awesome in there, or in a room with a feel like these:

Ralph-lauren hunter chic or refined British frat house. Not my usual style, but looking at that second room above I know I would automatically have to sleep with the guy who lived there. Just out of principal.

It's not like this is the first time I've been attracted to moody and masculine spaces featuring plaid/gingham though. Here's are a couple of other rooms that use it oh-so-well:

By the way, the amazing Tommy Smythe had a hand in those last four rooms. Man loves himself some plaid, and I loves myself some Tommy.

(all other images via roost, coco cozy and pinterest)
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