if i had a million dollars (or 10)

So you may have heard by now that Gwyneth Paltrow just threw down a cool 10 million dineros for the House of Windsor, an 8000 sq ft home in LA that was apparently already pretty well known even before the celebrity purchase. You see, it was created as a concept house (think designers showcase/playpen) for Veranda Magazine last year, and not only was it designed and spearheaded by Windsor Smith, but they brought in other top designers like Peter Dunham, Kathryn Ireland and Tara Shaw to work their magic on individual rooms. 

I must have been living under a rock because I hadn't heard about it before the sale (although I'd already unknowingly pinned pics of a couple of the rooms without realizing they belonged to the same house). Needless to say I've now spent 
far too long tracking down every single image I could find of all the rooms, because it's just too good not to!! I am absolutely DYING over this place:

The kitchen and family room were by Windsor Smith:

This "crafty corner" in the family room is one of my two favourite spaces inside the house (yes, I have a favourite outside the house too. It's in the stables. Just wait, I'm not crazy):

Great room by Richard Shapiro:

"Bedroom 3" by Tara Shaw is my other favourite inside the house. So serene. And can I just draw attention to the insane floors throughout this place?

The guest suite, including drop-dead gorgeous office, by Peter Dunham:

There are eight bathrooms in the house. Eight. This is just a sampling of their details:

Kathryn Ireland designed the stables. They are one hundred times nicer than my apartment, and clearly the outside space I was referring to as my other favourite. I gotta say, being jealous of a horse is new to me.

And just in case you weren't convinced, these are the grounds:

Rarely do I think that money could buy happiness. This is one of those times.

That was a lie. I often think that.

I really hope that all of this doesn't just get scrapped when the Paltrow-Martins move in. It would be SUCH a shame for all of this gorgeousness to be undone.

Well, other than Martyn Lawrence Bullard's screening room, which was pretty much the only misfire in the whole place. It's . . . ummm . . . interesting . . .

Yup, that's in the same house. I'm betting fancy pants horse wouldn't even live in here. He'd probably think he was too good for it. Screw you horse, give me your throw pillows!

{images via Design Manifest, Cecy J, Habitually ChicHooked on Houses and Pinterest}

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  1. #1: The screening room? Awful. Fantastic individual pieces but overload all together. Those couches look very Kelly Wearstler to me...and also like giant turds stacked on top of each other. And also like it'd be a suuuuper comfy pile of poo to lounge on.....so many conflicting emotions... :P
    #2: This is gonna sound crazy, but $10 million seems like a steal to me....Doesn't that seem like the labor/famous designer costs + all those ridonnnnkulous furnishings/fixtures/decor (I'm assuming it comes furnished/decorated?) PLUS just the house itself, should all add up to more than 10 mil?

    1. Oh my god, your reaction to the screening room LITERALLY just made me laugh out loud! Super comfy piles of poo is the best new term ever.

      Also, I agree about the cost. If it does come furnished them 10 mil sounds like a bit of a steal to me. If it doesn't come furnished then where does all that awesomeness go?? Someone please direct me to that garage sale.

      Maybe it's actually in the middle of a landfill :P

  2. The kitchen was great; but other than that it all seemed a little overcrowded and klutzy! And anyone that would even consider paying 10 million for a house obviously has more money than sense...just think of all the good that kind of money could do if it were directed at abolishing homegrown POVERTY instead of being wasted on showing off!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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