fabric find: john robshaw goodness

Every so often when browsing fabric sites you come across a designer find at a crazy good price. Usually it's listed under some other name in order for them to do this, which makes it tough to just search for, but sometimes not. Once, I found Manuel Canovas' Misia for only 24.75$ a yard. It usually goes for almost 400$. By the time I clicked the buy button it was all gone, and I swear to god I felt like crying myself to sleep. The link is still up, displaying an available yardage of 0. Taunting me. Flaunting it's beauty. Screw you Misia.

Anyway, most of the time when I come across these steals there's nowhere I can actually use the fabric, but passing up a deal seriously pains me! So I'm going to start sharing them here and hope 1) that one of you lovelies can make use and 2) that that will prevent me from buying it out of principle. No really.

Today's find? "Danda" from John Robshaw's new collection for Duralee (which I can't say enough about)! OnlineFabricStore is offering both the lemongrass and indigo colourways for only 23$ a yard!
I'm partial to the lemongrass myself. It's such a fresh pop of pattern without being at all overwhelming. Love.

The cheapest I've seen it elsewhere is 50$, so hope one of you can take advantage!

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  1. Is it easier to buy fabric online now than at actual stores? Also, are the packaging and shipping costs high?

  2. You should check out iluvfabrix.com....you kind of have to dig for the deals but they have really beautiful velvets and some designer stuff I hadn't seen before :)

  3. Thank you, I will do that.


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