if you like it then you shoulda put a tassel on it

It goes without saying that tassels have been HUGE in fashion in the last couple of years. From flats and pumps to jewelry and belts, they've been embellishing our outfits in every way imaginable. I honestly think it's become rarer to see a designer purse without a tassel than with. Personally, I'm pretty much a sucker for anything sporting one.

Well, my friends, it looks like the trend has made the leap into home, and the results are pretty damn adorable! These awesome little string parties are showing up in stores on everything from rugs to curtains to sheets. If you prefer not to go the retail route you can also do what I plan to and make your own, hanging them any damn place you want!

Check out all of the amazing options below:

{via: unknown and anthro (looks like it just sold out)}

{via: PBteen and Anthro}

{via Love Maegan}

{via Martha Stewart and unknown}

This next one is definitely in the works for my place. It's just the custom detail my bedroom chest of drawers needs!

 {via Lonny}

The second green chest above is from a great blog I recently discovered called the Hunted Interior, and the post includes a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own tassels. Total cost? About $2.50 each. Doesn't get more cost-effective than that!

And just because I couldn't narrow it down (I have serious indecision issues), here are a few other gorge tasseled beauties:

I'm especially loving those key chains. And the rug. And the pillow. Oh who am I kidding...

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  1. I basically want to design my basement around your little moodboard....don't think the boy would go for all the pretty pinks though :( Lovely post!

    1. Aww, you're the cutest! I gotta admit, the minute I got my solo place after becoming single for first time in 10 years, I painted the bathroom pink. I've now painted the rest of the apartment lilac. There are some upsides to being manless ;)


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