breaking promises like a champion

So I realize I promised you more green goodness this week, but I also promised myself that I'd start going to bed earlier and stop eating avocados like they're candy, and ain't none of it gonna' be happenin'. This week has exploded like buildings in Batman movies, and I am just too busy for the pretty.

Which is a sad, sad state of affairs.

So for now, I leave you with this pic of a chandelier I spotted in the window of a local antiques shop:

Because it is such ridiculous perfection that I don't even know what to do with myself. 

And also with this:

Because, um, how could I not?
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  1. holy good lord I hope you bought that chandelier and/or are signing away your firstborn child for it...amazing

    also i want to steal that dog. What a punk.

    1. I haven't even gone in to look at the price. I don't want to kill the dream. It is oh, so precious to me . . .

      Also I only like dogs that are punks. What's the point otherwise?


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