photo shoot styling: winter wedding

The inspiration for this shoot came when I was busy planning the last one. Scouring a rental website for props, I came across an antique wing back chair with dark, curvy wooden legs and plush emerald-velvet upholstery. I was in love. It was pure elegance - quietly glamorous and luxurious yet incredibly cozy and inviting. I immediately pictured it in a bank of snow with a glowing bride perched on top, enveloped in a sea of tulle.

While the chair itself didn’t end up making it into the shoot (logistics, logistics), the feel of it was everywhere, from the rich woodwork and warm glow of the chandeliers, to the traditional-with-a-twist Kenneth Pool gown. The cherry on top was definitely the beautiful cake created by Cathy, aka the Cake Whisperer. The ruffles, the gold accents, the deep emerald colour . . . could it be more elegant? Even better? Cat is just one of those people you can't help but like right away, and we knew pretty fast that we had found the perfect baking partner in crime!

The amazing new faces surrounding us didn't stop there though. First, we were so lucky to have real-life newlyweds Sarah and Peter stand in as our models. They could not have been kinder, more patient, or more visibly head over heels in love. We also got to work with our amazing friend Jenn, who is the talent behind the bride's flawless makeup, and who helped us with everything from putting together bouquets to topping hot chocolate with whipped cream! She was a godsend. Big love hun.

Finally, Dal's husband Brian joined her in photographing the shoot. I love that their style is so in sync, and that she's clearly even more in her element when he's around. It's pretty beautiful to see, really.

I feel like I was surrounded by nothing but love at this shoot, and that it really came across in the photos. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy just looking at them, despite the fact that it took place on one of the coldest days of the winter. I hope you feel the same.

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