painting chaos

Ever spend over 100$ on paint samples only to pick a colour that you end up HATING once it's on your walls? No? Just me? Well that's exactly what just happened to me over the weekend.

I thought I wanted something like Angie Hranowsky did in this amazing bedroom:

But in my place it just ended up looking like I was living in this guy:

No joke. Immediate thing that came to mind. It was HORRIBLE. Would have been nice for a smaller room, but not my whole place. Egads.

So I cut my losses and, at the suggestion of a friend, primed over everything to give myself a blank canvas to test on. And you know what? The white on the walls has made the place look so much bigger, and has made me realize that I need a really light colour for these rooms.

Something like a midway point between these guys, but erring towards the bluer one:

The lesson of the day (or weeks, if we're counting)? Don't test paint over your old colour because it just won't work. Which is a stupidly simple thing to have to learn this hard. How is it that I'm an OCD perfectionist and the queen of trying to cut corners all at the same time?

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  1. Awww, been there! The blue/grey looks really similar to the color of Caitlin Flemming of Sacramento Street's home:

    It's Harbor Grey by Benjamin Moore, in case you haven't already picked out your own color!

  2. lord girl, now I'm spending way too much time looking through YOUR pins! Definitely have the same taste and you have some absolute treasures in there!


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