days that i hate being canadian

There really are few things that can make me hate being from where I'm from, because I'm a pretty damn proud Canuck. I love this country. It's amazing. This is the land that Poutine came from. 'Nuff said.

But all the beautiful shit we miss out on because of stores that aren't in Canada or don't ship here or ship for more than the items themselves cost make me lose my mind a little bit. Oh the things I could do with access to some of that pretty!

So when I heard about Nate Berkus's new line for Target I got instantly insanely excited and then almost as instantly insanely sad. Le sigh. Some of the items previewed are amazing and I want I want I want!

Like these bowls

Or these pillows

Or most most most of all, this snakeskin and raw wood box with gold hardware
INSANE! That box is inspired.

The prices start at 5.99 and go to 149.99. That's actually affordable. Not even "I'm justifying this" affordable.

See why I'm so upset that this is out there but that I can't get my paws on it? No one else can either until October when it's launched in stores, but that is little consolation...

Here's a little video about the line in which you can see a few more of the pretties (including the pretty that is Nate himself). Anyone else notice that white faux tortoise shell on the wall? Yup. I may have to hitch a ride to the States for that bad boy.

Happy weekend ladies and gents!
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