why won't you take my money

See this pretty little lady?

Well last weekend when I visited New York I told myself I was gonna pick her up like she was a cougar drinking alone at the bar. I need a new rug for my living room, and West Elm is having a 15% off rugs sale at the moment. That brought the 5 by 8 to 84$. Add on the in store discount I can usually talk myself into by showing my "student card" (I work at a University, it's so close to the same thing...) and I was going to get her for about 75$ including taxes. Super cute and cheap as dirt = the winning combination.

The only problem? After prancing into West Elm and trying to resist the urge to buy everything in sight (seriously, those close to one might be sick of West Elm, but to me it's crack), I found out that citron is an online-only colour. In fact, the only one of the colours that is online-only.

Of course.

Of course my Canadian ass would want the only colour I can't have . Apparently even if a ridiculously sweet sales associate is trying everything to get you that rug (calling other stores, trying to buy online on your behalf, etc), there is absolutely no way that they will ship rugs to Canada. I literally cannot give them my money. I cannot exchange my currency for their goods. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love my health care but sometimes . .  .

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  1. WHAT??? we were both in NYC!!!! SO wish i'd known! would have loved to meet up!

    1. Oh my god Tobe, I wish I had known! I would have LOVED to have met you!


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