sunshine for the soul

So life is taking a bit of a shit on me lately. It's emotional/personal stuff, but I'm the kind of girl who manifests stress physically in a major kind of way, so its been making me pretty genuinely sick too. Like head over a garbage can as discreetly as possible while I'm at work kind of sick. Wah wah, sob story.

Suffice it to say I haven't been the best blogger in the whole wide world of late, but I've decided to give myself a pass on this one. I've also decided to self-medicate with a salted caramel, praline and brownie ice cream called Brouhaha (from a company called Bilboquet. It's my fave). No regrets. I think it might actually be humanly impossible to regret anything called Brouhaha. It's at least Elyse-ingly impossible.

I am distracting myself with a bit of photo shoot planning since our next one is coming up fast, and I came across a recent styled wedding on the Everygirl (one of my favourite blogs) that I had to share. It's not only how I want our shoot to feel, but it's also how I want my heart to feel.

There are few things that can heal, or at least soothe, like a moment of calm in the sun. I just want to sit at that table and let the breeze float over me.

Here's to the summer.

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