what being indecisive looks like

I'm currently trying to find the perfect purple-grey for my apartment. The walls are continuous from my hall through my living room and into my kitchen, so the colour will be covering a large area.

A couple of days ago the wall behind my couch looked like this:

The colour can't be too cold, but can't be too brown or pink either. And it needs to work with those ikat pillows, because I love them.

A few days and an insane amount of second and third and fourth guessing later, and the wall behind my couch now looks at this:

I've spent 60$ on sample pots. Honestly at this point my head just hurts. This is so who I am in every single way it's hilarious. In a very un-hilarious sort of way.

I would just go with the one I've labelled as my fave, but OF COURSE it's one that I mixed myself and didn't realize I was in love with until I had already added other paint to it (so didn't paint it onto a card to be colour matched). All the ones around it are me trying to mix it again. AGGHHHH.


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  1. this is the definition of me!!!! so feel you. lots of gorgeous colors to choose from, so you can't go wrong! ox

  2. Lauren McIllfaterickMay 1, 2012 at 6:42 PM

    Indecisive, yes. But also driven to perfection! Good luck ;)


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