i heart your art: harland miller

I first happened upon Harland Miller's work when this photo (which I think is from elle decor) popped up on my Pinterest feed a GAZILLION times. 

Suffice it to say, I quickly became obsessed with getting a print of that art in my home. I mean, it's fuchsia goodness and surprisingly inappropriate. Girly girl with a trucker mouth. CLEARLY we were made for each other.

Unfortunately that sweet thing does not exist in poster form, as I learned through the OCD'esque research that ensued. The artist - Harland Miller - has some limited edition prints of his works, but even those cost thousands, and originals are in the tens. 

Le Sigh. 

I did get to ogle some more of his deliciously crude masterpieces though. Feast your eyes on this awesomeness:

My favourite is still that original one though... oh what I wouldn't give...

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  1. Love Harland Miller's paintings.. There are affordable prints of his stuff under £1k though - https://www.othercriteria.com/browse/miller/
    Enjoy! x

    1. oooh, thanks so much for the link! Is 750 pounds under 1k American now? Oh the poor British economy has taken such a dive...


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