yellow love week: pops of happy

Ever since I got my new rug, the little bits of yellow in it have gotten me obsessed with bringing more of the sunshine shade into my life. I had bought pink dye to give some colour to the pendant light above my table, but now I'm thinking a golden yellow would be waaaay better. I may even paint one or both of the chairs a golden yellow too, à-la this chair from Anthropologie:

Be still my heart. 

I think yellow is one of the absolute hardest colours to get right. Most of the time it just ends up looking like a jarring bumblebee of a country-kitchen-style hot mess. But when yellow is done right - with just the right shade and just the right balance of daring and restraint - it really is like nothing else. 

Examples? Don't mind if I do! 

Tommy Smythe has pops of yellow down to an art:

Yellow headboards make me weak in the knees:

I want to eat the Scalamandre wallpaper on the right with a spoon:

Yellow chandeliers are fun, unexpected, and easy to achieve with a can of spray paint - the best combo!

And finally, my favourite of all favourite dining/living rooms in the history of all time (I'm actually not kidding):

Every SINGLE time pictures of this space pop up on my Pinterest feed I end up pinning it, because I forget that I've pinned it a million times before and my eyes go straight to it. I can't help it, it's like interior design crack for me. I want it I want it I want it. 

My yellow love isn't stopping at rooms though - I'm lusting after yellow maxi skirts, yellow jewellery, yellow shoes, yellow fabric, even yellow iphone cases...pretty much just can't get the shade out of my head! 

So I'm officially declaring this yellow week, and will be back with more luscious sunshine in the coming days. 

What do you think? Are you a fan? Do you agree that yellow can go so so wrong?

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  1. haha - I do the same thing with rooms I love. Nothing wrong with seeing them over and over again if you love em, right??

    LOVE all of these spaces! And a pop of yellow is a must if you ask me! ox


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