i heart your art: olga seriojina

This morning a colourful piece of art popped up on my Pinterest feed and I clicked through to see who it was by. It took me to a Tumbler blog, which I must admit I HATE because you can so rarely find the original source for anything. It drives me nuts. Fortunately I didn't just give up, because when I tracked it all the way back I was rewarded with the work of an incredible artist whose beautiful creations I'd never seen before. 

Introducing Olga Seriojina, who is from Moscow and is apparently only thirty years old. Pretty damn impressive. I think her work is incredible:

It kind of fits in with yellow week because every one of my favourites has some in it, from a teeny tiny smidge to virtually the entire canvas. That counts right?

Also, she's kind of ridiculously adorable. 

Just sayin'. 

To see more of Olga's work, visit her (equally amazing) website, or check out her Flickr.

Be back soon with more yellow love! Although at this point I may be the only one who hasn't had enough...

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