yellow love week: love turns to lust

One last little post about my lemon obsession before I digress....This one is about all the yellow bits and baubs I'm coveting, either for my wardrobe or my home. I'm pretty determined to inject a little neon sunshine into my summer, and in more ways than one...

I'm especially LOVING the pleated chiffon skirt, and am really hoping to find a more affordable version. I found this one on piperlime, but I'd rather be able to try it on first. You never know how chiffon is going to drape, you know?

But really, how amazing are these outfits?

images via my pinterest
Simple, elegant, bold. I'm head over heels.

I'd settle for a yellow maxi dress instead. Or as well. Yes, I think I'll go with as well. 

images via my pinterest
That girl on the left has it down pat. Too perfect. I'm officially on the hunt...

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