shit i'm not sick of: bubble branch chandeliers (+ the diy version on my radar)

Is there actually a proper name for these guys? If there is I certainly couldn't find it! But whether or not they're actually a "thing", these babies have been on my mind - and on my Pinterest - like crazy lately. Most of my faves are by the insanely talented Lindsey Adelman, some by Apparatus and Jason Miller, and one or two I couldn't track down, but no matter the artist, I just can't. get. enough. The fact that they're everywhere changes not one little thing . . .

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If you're like me, the other way in which the artist makes no difference is whether or not you can afford them. No matter how hard I wish, it's just not going to happen! So to get the look for less I was thinking of spraying West Elm's version gold . . . 

. . . but it seems to have sold out in a flash. Which means the second I get a new apartment (more on that in a bit! Eep!), I'm pretty sure I'll be making like oh so many other bloggers and design lovers - like ModernHaus and Erica of Small Shop Studio - and making my own version using Lindsay A's d.i.y. instructions and a whole lotta' hardware store goods . . .

It may not be as bubbly, but it's definitely all kinds of gorgeous! And really, how cool is it that she released these plans to the public? I kind of can't get over it. While it obviously doesn't take away from her amazing custom designs - and anyone who could shell out the bucks for an original still would - it's still so generous. And that . . . well that's the most beautiful thing of all.

So what do you think? Are you still feeling this look or are you sick of seeing? Would you take on the "some assembly required" version, or am I stone cold crazy for thinking I could take it on?? Can't wait to hear your thoughts lovelies!


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  1. Did you see the High/Low spread in last month's Style At Home magazine? They used two versions of this type of lighting in that feature. I can't remember where the "low" one was from.

    I also don't know what the proper name for them is. I like what you've called them - "bubble branch candeliers." I'm going to contribute "deconstructed Sputnik light fixtures" as a possible name contender. :)

  2. To get the bubbly look you just have to buy Edison style bulbs (and wire accordingly).

  3. Not sick of them, at all. Must have high ceilings to properly enjoy them. And not burn your face on them. I love them over a dining area most of all (because you can hang them even lower). I say DIY something. Husband's business partner saw some Restoration Hardware lights he liked, but they were too pricey, so he hit up the interwebs and the local hardware stores, and even bought some replacement parts from RH so he could mimic the look. Can't wait to hear about the possible new flat!

    Oh, and my favorite band ever is playing in Montreal tomorrow. If you can, go see them. They are amazing. http://thelocalnatives.com/main/


  4. We looked into getting the bubbles...now i'm convinced it's a must!
    Thx for the love xoxo

  5. I'm so in love with the bubble chandeliers too...they are absolutely stunning!!

  6. Love your blog! Just found it while on a search for brass cabinet hardware and got sucked in.

    We just ordered this knock-off version after seeing it in person and deciding it was awfully good:

    It's still not CHEAP but beats 4K!

  7. Love this post. I am now obsessed as well. Thanks for all the links. As always I love your style. Have a fabulous week!

  8. I have a huge affection for Lindsey Adelman's pieces. They have such an organic feel to them. So special!

  9. I love these too! I really want one for my dining room...I'm wondering how long they will stay in style? I hope they stay a classic.

    They are just too cute/modern/beautiful all in one!


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  11. Thanks for the blog post buddy! Keep them coming...

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