wallpaper weekly: golden marble to feed my addiction

Blogpodium was truly a smorgasbord of all things gold and shiny, from the edges of the menus, to the foil on business cards and agendas, to the bangles on everyone's wrists. It was everywhere, and I was loving it! My obsession with this heavenly finish has been feeling borderline unhealthy lately, but being in a room full of fellow addicts was enough to convince me that I just don't care. If loving gold is bad, then I don't wanna be good.

So as an ode to that enabling, this weeks wallpaper is all about the gleam. Calico Wallpapers' "Wabi" is not only an awesome success story born out of Hurricane Sandy devastation, it's also pure golden marbleized perfection . . .

{pics via Design Milk}

Doesn't that second pic just make you want to slowly run your hand over it? No? Just me? Maybe I need help after all . . .

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  1. This is so so good...I will take gold anything, any day! :)


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