the hack I heart the most: tiffany leigh design

Tiffany of Tiffany Leigh Interior Design is a girl after my own heart. With talent and taste to spare, she doesn't let the fact that she's in school and working on a budget stand in between her and serious style. Whether taking another man's trash and making it into her gold or scouring antique markets for hidden treasure, Tiffany knows that a little sweat equity and the right vision can go a long, long way! Couple that with the fact that she happens to be one of the sweetest and most genuine bloggesses I've had the pleasure of "meeting", and I couldn't think of a single better person to join us for the second installment of the hack I heart the most!

So without further ado: the lovely Ms. Tiffany and her awesome hack . . .


Hi everyone! I'm Tiffany from Tiffany Leigh Interior Design and I am so excited to be here at Peonies and Brass today sharing the hack I heart the most. For me, it was an easy decision because I live in a tiny studio apartment in Toronto, so although I'd like to hack everything in sight (bloggers will agree it's an addiction really...) I only have space for a few pieces of furniture. I've had to limit myself. Let me introduce you to my prettiest and most functional hack: My Greek Key Bench.

This bench began its journey with me as a dated, worn out wooden coffee table that I picked up at Good Will for $4:

It was chipped and pretty ugly, but I saw potential! I especially liked the carved details of the legs, which were hard to see with the dark stain. With just a few supplies, I completely transformed this piece!

I have so much fun styling and restyling this little bench. It makes a great footstool/coffee table in front of my sofa, and can easily be cleared off and used as extra seating if I have guests over. You can check out the full 'how to' tutorial here. Be sure to pop by and say hello!

Thanks so much for having me Elyse!


  1. Oh wow! That looks so much better. I'm from Toronto myself, I clearly need to hit up a goodwill and give it a shot...

  2. Great hack - nothing like injecting a little love into a forgotten treasure. Love that little zebra, too.

  3. Thanks so much for having me Elyse! And for the extra flattering introduction. I can't wait to meet you in real life on Saturday! xoxo


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