random ramblings for a stormy april day

First of all, my fam would like you all to know that you are very, very bad influences. They want a sofa bed. I want vintage velvet. You have clearly picked a side.

Secondly, is it just me or is this the longest winter ever? Apparently we're getting 20cm of fresh snow and "ice pellets" around here today. It's a full on storm watch. What?? If April showers bring May flowers then what does this shit bring? I've decided it's God's way of telling me that blowing the budget for Belize was the right way to go. And I can't argue with God. It's a rule.

Third, have any of you Canadian ladies checked out the new special Home Decor 101 issue of Chatelaine?

The answer's probably no, and I totally feel you - I didn't think I was into Chatelaine either. But the other day I popped into Indigo (sorry for all the maple land references Americanas!) to see if the new House & Home was out, and when it wasn't I was still itching for a new read. So I picked this puppy up. And it's good. Like, really really good.

I always thought Chatelaine was a little too country and not enough rock & roll, but if this special issue is any indication of what's been hiding behind all the recipes (I don't cook), health tips (blah blah, stop eating so much cheese, blah blah) and life advice (that's what my psych is for), then I've clearly been missing out.

Even better, when I was looking for pics of the magazine to show you I found a blog post that Emma from the Marion House Book had written about it (these photos are all hers), and in it she revealed that she's the mag's new home editor! If you know her blog - or her pinter-famous home - then you know that that can only mean good things. I'm officially won over.

Speaking of magazine amazingness, you've probably all seen Angie Hranowsky's colour extravaganza of a home in the new Lonny, but I'm gonna add a bit more love onto the pile. I'm pretty sure that this needs to happen to my curtains:

But only because I don't know how I could pull off this without it looking like a d.i.y. shitstorm:

Oh Angie. You can do no wrong.

And with that, I'm off to enjoy another weekend of half melting snow and not putting my new wooden deck tiles down. Ah well, more time for wine, right?

Later luvs!

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  1. man I swear Canada has better magazines than the US!!

    1. Honestly, I really think we do. ALL my favourites are Canadian now that Domino is gone . . .

  2. I'm officially buying that copy of Chatelaine this weekend. Thanks for the review. I was thinking the same biased thoughts as you!

    And good luck with the ice storm - it has finally turned into rain outside of TO. My family's in Montreal for the week and aren't looking forward to the drive home on Saturday.

    1. Let me know what you think! I was honestly really surprised!

  3. ugh i'm so sorry about the nasty weather... we have been sitting beneath 45 degree rain for the last week or so and while i'll take it over the super cold... this april is kind of its own breed of miserable. you know that damp feeling that you just can't quite seem to warm up from? yeah.

    at least we can fantasize about gorgeous interior spaces while we are stuck inside hiding from the cold!


    1. Yeah, constant rain sucks almost as much. And the damp cold? Don't get me started on the damp cold!


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