"look for the helpers"

Bombs scare me. Obviously. What happened yesterday was horrific and senseless and shocking. My heart aches for those affected, as it aches for all those around the world who lose loved ones suddenly and without reason. 

But what scares me more than bombs - far, far more than bombs - is fear. The complete irrationality and hate that fear creates. The way that fear can blind even the most rational of people, and create a domino effect that can't be measured or controlled. Often, the aftermath of these type of events can become so much worse than what initially occurred.

We can't let the poison spread. It's so easy - and understandable - to react to these things by losing faith. By seeing only darkness, and craving retribution. I really think that Patton Oswalt said it best, and Fred Rogers years ago. It is so important to remember - especially in times like these - that the good outnumber the hateful, the violent, the racist and the intolerant, and to resolve to continue to stand with them, now and forever. 

Spread the love today folks. It's the best thing we have. 

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  1. Thank you for pointing out and emphasising the courage and strength that stood up to chaos and cowardice.


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