a quick hello from paradise

Hey there my loves, long time no talk! I meant to write two days ago but I got caught up in packing and wrapping up work, and then yesterday I hoped I'd have a chance at the airport, but had apparently forgotten how much more security a stopover in the US involves. So I've been a bad bad blogger, all thought and no action.

Even now, I'm just stopping in to say hi, because, well, I think I found paradise.

I am here  . . .

... on my Belize adventure, and to be honest, I just don't feel like taking the time to fully check in. I will soon, but not now. Now I just want to keep swinging away in this hammock, listened to the breeze and the ocean and the birds, and remembering why 18 hrs of straight travel in one day (no joke) is always, always worth it. Especially when your heart needs the tlc even more than your body does.

So talk soon, k? I promise mucho pretty pictures and even some apartment updates (I bought that gorgeous desk and it's crazy good. You guys are so smart.) Til' then, love from the beach.


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  1. oh my.
    Check in Smeck in.

    enjoy every stinkin second!!!!!!! And for the love of all us bloggers back at home - throw your computer out the window!


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