desks as nightstands - cute or cramped?

A couple of weekends ago the large desk in my "dressing room" got the old heave-ho, making way for my treadmill. The 'mill had been taking up way too much space in my living room, and of these two items that I wasn't using nearly enough, I decided it was the one I should keep lying to myself about.

The only downside to this, really, is that my desk chair was the spare for my dining table. The one I would pull out when I had people over for dinner or guests were visiting for the weekend. I should probably keep it, but the question is, where? Right now it's just looking awkward over in a corner, like me at a high school dance.

Well, the plot thickens. A couple of days ago I came across a gorgeous, rectangular marble topped bistro table on craigslist, and my mind immediately went here:

I've been looking to get a wider nightstand for a while now (to fill more of the awkward space between my bed and an archway) and this could help me kill two birds with one stone. The only thing is that it's not just wider, it's also a lot deeper. Add the chair and I'm worried that it'll be cramped city. Or that it will just end up looking messy - a catch all for everything from my water glass and alarm clock to my laptop and craft supplies.

For your reference, this is the table . . .

. . . and I managed to haggle the price down to a cool $80. The owner brought it with her when she moved here from France. 

So what do you think? Is it too good to pass up? Are you fans of the bedside desk look, or do they just scream "I have no other room"? Can they ever really look polished and be useful simultaneously? Should I just ditch the chair and be done with it? Your opinions are much needed my luvs!

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  1. My (overly wordy) thoughts:
    -If you use the chair frequently, keep it--otherwise just stash folding chairs for when extra seating is needed.
    -I like desk/bedside table combos, but think it only works if there is enough space on the other (non-bed) side to give it a little 'breathing room'...otherwise I think it looks a bit cluttered and makes a small room look smaller.
    -Either way, though, I think you should get that gorgeous table, regardless of whether you pair it with your chair. It's a great piece that will transition well to other homes/areas of your home! I passed on a similar one and still regret it--let me live vicariously through you! ;)

  2. Get that table, it's a keeper. Your chair could tuck into an unused corner in the bedroom (on the other side of the bed?) or could tuck in under the desk (back or front). But get that table.

  3. That table is amazing - so get it, for sure. I like writing desks as nightstands. It probably won't look photo worthy all the time, but neither do most people's nightstands.

  4. Definitely cute! And a stool is a great layering option instead of the chair if you're not sitting for long hours...

  5. Absolutely buy it~ Or I'll be tempter to fly out from San Francisco ans swoop it up! That is the table of my dreams! (Which makes it perfect for a nightstand) :)

  6. love it! go with a stool and decorative boxes to hide the clutter

  7. Great post! Love all of these photoss

  8. Mes amours, I took your advice and bought it! Will update with a pic later - it looks sublime! You always guide me in the right direction ;) xoxoxo

  9. Amazing table at an amazing price!!! Lucky girl!

  10. Love it - such a great look, and definitely more space is GREAT! I hate nightstands, and have been searching for MONTHS for a perfect pair.

  11. how do you purchase one of these desks


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