nightstand contest, you are a talent-filled cocktease . . .

Has everyone seen the entries for Emily Henderson's nightstand styling contest that have been popping up all over Pinterest? If yes, were you as ridiculously blown away as I was?? If no, here's a little background for ya': a few weeks ago our lady of all things vintage Emily posted a video tutorial on how to style nightstands, and announced an awesome contest asking readers to put her tips into practice. A few days ago she posted a couple of collages of her faves, and, well, let's let them speak for themselves . . .

There is so much goodness in there! When I first saw these all I could think was "hot damn there's more talent for this out there than I thought!", followed by "I wish I could see more", followed by "for the love of God, why are the pictures so small??!" Today my prayers were partially answered when Emily posted bigger pics on her Facebook page, but I still feel like I'm being royally teased! It's like leaving a small piece of brownie on the table for me - it's so goddamn rich and gooey and delicious, and I love it, but all I can think is I KNOW THERE'S MORE. 

And I f-ing well want it. 

These gorgeous spaces in particular are just dying to be shown off in all their glory. Seriously, keeping them from me us is just plain wrong  . . .

{I adore everything about this, from what I'm guessing is a rug over the headboard, to the oversized art, to the campaign dresser. It's perfect.)

{This serene space has me scouring craigslist for a marble topped replacement to my nightstand.}

{Textiles anyone? Also LOVING that this is a man's space. Hells. Yes.}

{Natural, worn, unfussed. A look I can't pull off and completely admire.}

{The picture quality isn't the best, and I could lose at least one of the personal pics for the purposes of the contest, but this is still one of my absolute faves. The fearless mix of colours, that headboard with that pillow, and most of all the badass motherfuckin stag. I want it. Badly.}

{Calm, uncluttered, pink. What more can I say?}

So this is me officially begging. I need apartment tours. I need to see what lies beyond these nightstands. I need it like the desert needs the rain. 

So what does your nightstand look like? Can it hold a candle to any of these or does it blow them out of the water? Mine will definitely be getting some zhushing after seeing all of this!

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  1. I DIY distressed painted and changed the hardware on my bedroom furniture when I moved into my most recent place. It was such a rewarding and surprisingly easy project. I really think more people should give it a try! Great post!


  2. I love love love number 6 from the first round!! Any ideas where this wood table is from? xx

  3. Um...wow, thanks is all I can say! The crappy pic (I have an awful camera!) with the Ram print is mine. :) Thanks for your kind words, glad I was one of your favorites!!! This post totally made my day!
    PS-I got that print at an estate sale a couple years ago for $5!

    1. Wow, seriously Katie?! That's amazing! It's so gorgeous and bright and beautiful in there! If you ever feel like making a print of that print . . . I'm buyin ;)

    2. I'll let you know if I do! ;) I have design ADD and our bedroom is ALL different now...I'll be posting pictures soon on my blog so you'll have to check it out.


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